Hope Is What We Live For.
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How many people will be attending the Wave of Light Ceremony and Celebration (including yourself) with you:  

Tell us about why you are attending

If you would like a baby’s name to be read during the ceremony, please enter the name here (example: Baby Smith, Baby Girl Smith, Audrey Smith):  
If you would like a photograph of your baby to be used in our ceremony, please email it with your name in the subject line to HanksHope@gmail.com. If you do not have a photograph or do not want one to be used, you may email a symbol or short quote that reminds you of your loss. Please include the name of the baby and date as you would like it used in our ceremony.
Everyone attending with me is 13 years of age or older.  
I understand photographs will be taken at this event and may be publically shared by Hank’s Hope Inc.  
I am interested in volunteering with Hank’s Hope (this can be a yes or no)  



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